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Fresh Eggs Are Awesome

One of the things that I love most about our little hobby farm is our chickens!

Our girls ( the laying hens) supply us with beautiful fresh eggs daily. And let me tell you, there is nothing like fresh farm eggs!

The girls are free to wander our 5 acres and they do a wonderful job of eating annoying bugs like ticks, they also eat the small snakes and mice. Thank you Chickies for working double time! Because they are free to hunt and forage their eggs have the most vibrant yellow/orange yolks.

I love to watch them run around the yard, such happy chickens! One just ran past my window.

In the summer we also grow chickens for meat, those baby chicks will be arriving in May. This year I will try hard not to get attached to them like I did last year. They almost turned me into a vegetarian! Our chickens last year were meaty and so delicious, so we are trying it for a second year.

We are new to farming, I grew up in the big city and was quite scared of birds till we got our first chickens. Now I can’t imagine life any different! I love that my kids get to grow up here, my toddler loves the animals, probably the most out of all of us!


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