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Night Off From Cooking

Tonight I get to sit back with my feet up and drink wine while Dad cooks dinner!
He is my inspiration for all of my cooking, over the years we have become addicted to many a cooking show and he is good and I mean really good at gourmet cooking.
When I met him I cooked us a slimy fish meal that I’ve never lived down! I’ve come so far in the last decade. I once hated cooking and some days when the kids won’t stop crying I still hate it, but for the most part I love cooking and baking, I can get so lost in it!
Tonight we are having shrimp in lemon butter with roasted asparagus.  The rice was cooked with turmeric, cumin, cardamom, salt and then fried shallots and garlic and pine nuts were added at the end.

OMG it was so good!  The flavours just sang in your mouth.



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