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Fresh Herbs

Growing your own herbs is wonderfully satisfying! As long as I have been cooking I have grown a herb garden. You can’t beat the flavour of fresh herbs! Watching them grow is great for your soul too. It’s not even that difficult.

All year long I grow herbs inside, and in the summer I grow some outside too! I can’t have too many fresh herbs! We cook with them daily, and we like to make pestos which takes a lot.

It’s really easy too. You can buy the seeds at your local grocery store. I get a bag of potting soil and some medium sized plant pots. Fill the pots with soil then push into soil about a cm a few seeds (5-10). Then water, I water my herbs daily. Place pots in a sunny spot and watch them grow.

I always find watching the seeds sprout very exciting. Within a few weeks you will have fresh herbs. They smell fantastic too. Keep in mind that the more you cut from them the more they grow! I always try to cut from the top with basil and rosemary as it promotes the plant to bush out and keeps it from flowering. With thyme, parsley, oregano, dill and sage I just clip a whole branch.

My kids love watching them grow too, my 2 year old reminds me everyday to water them!


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