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Kids In The Kitchen

If you are like me and a little bit of a control freak it can be hard to let your kids help in the kitchen. I am torn between wanting to foster a love of cooking in my little ones and having the patience to do just that.

Anytime I ask if my kiddos want to help with cooking they are there in a flash! Mostly they love to knead dough, roll out pasta, make cookie balls and stir stuff. I tried to teach my 7 year old how to peel carrots the other day and just about lost my mind. I’m pretty sure I was peeling veggies at his age and grating cheese, but watching him operate something sharp freaks me out! I read somewhere that a 7 year old should be able to cut veggies with a knife, and you see these cooking shows with little kids doing just that. It looks like this will probably be more of a challenge for me than for the kiddos.

Baby steps, I will keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone and teach these kiddos to cook. It’s important, a life skill. In my twenties I had no idea how to cook, so I lived on noodles and pizza and sometimes just beer! I may be dreaming but I hope that my kids will continue to eat healthy, real food when they move out. Perhaps my boys will wow the girls with their cooking skills just as their Dad wowed me!


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