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Goats, Chickens and Dogs, Loving Farm Life

Welcome to our crazy little life on our hobby farm in Manitoba, Canada. Four years ago we moved to our little piece of heaven. It was my first taste of living in the country. Luckily we are only a half hour drive into the city so we get to enjoy living in the country with the convenience of working and shopping in the city.

One day Dad came home with 10 baby chicks, so cute and fuzzy! He wanted fresh eggs, I wasn’t sure about that, it took some time to win me over. They had to live in my kitchen for the first few days as it was just too cold out, I was a little less than impressed! Luckily they were cuteness overload, and I fell in love. I have a favorite from our first batch of hens (there are only three left of them now), her name is Stripey. That next spring we had a skunk get into the coop and wreaked some havoc. We lost one chicken and Stripey had lost all of her neck feathers which never grew back. She loves people and will follow you around. She’s tough though and definitely the queen of the roost. Because of her missing neck feathers she is easy to tell apart from the other girls and is one of the few chickens with a name.

We had two dogs who were actually responsible for Dad and I meeting over a decade ago. They loved it here, my blue heeler who had lived in the city his whole life was finally back on a farm. Then one day he got old and tired and passed on. I was heartbroken, so Dad bought me some goats!

Yes, I have now become a crazy goat lady! Goats are amazing creatures. They are sensitive, smart, loyal and so very loving. We have a goat named Beer who just loves his people, he is full of kisses and I do believe he thinks he is a lap goat. We also have a baby goat named Larry who is cute as pie. They keep us entertained and the kids love them! We don’t eat goats nor do we milk them, they are just pets.

We finally adopted another puppy, a big black dog who has boundless energy. He runs laps around our 5 acres for fun, and he is gentle with our chickens who wander free and sometimes I think he thinks he’s a goat too. Or maybe the goats think they are dogs.

One day Dad decided that fresh eggs were so awesome that we should raise chickens for meat too. So he came home with some more fuzzy little chicks. I tried to keep my distance with them but still got attached. I ended up feeling quite traumatized when we had to kill them. After a few months I got the nerve to cook one and oh my was it delicious! So here we go again, baby meat chicks are arriving in 2 weeks.

I truly never imagined my life turning out this way but do I ever love it. Another week and our gardens will be going in as well. Someday we may even get into beekeeping, who knows what the future holds. This simple life is amazing! Even if it is actually not simple at all.


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