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The World Has Gone Goat Crazy

The world has become goat crazy, and yes I have jumped on that boat!

Why not, we live on a hobby farm, and well, goats are awesome! They are loving and sweet and so gosh darn cute. They are very much like dogs if you ask me. Our goats love to give kisses and get hugs, they wag their tails when they are happy and always come to greet you.

We have two wonderful goats. Beer is the big goat and he’s quite playful all of the time, plus he loves to give kisses. Larry is the little guy, we call him Loud Larry cause he really is! He’s starting to finally come out of his shell and play more. The two are really close and snuggle up together to nap. Goats definitely need a buddy.

This winter we had one of our goats pass away, his name was Merve. He was Beer’s best friend from birth. When Merve passed on it was clear that Beer needed a new friend and fast. He became so depressed and withdrawn. A few weeks later we found him a friend, enter Larry. They became instant friends, then one day we took Larry to the vet to get fixed and Beer was beside himself, he kept escaping and getting on our front deck to stare at us through the window. I’m sure he was demanding to know where we had taken his new friend. He refused to go back in his pen until we brought Larry home! He’s never tried to escape since.

Maybe someday we will get more goats, I wouldn’t mind. They are fairly easy to care for, make sure they have good food, their hooves are trimmed, and keep them dewormed and pest free. And be sure to give them lots of love! The more love you give them the more they give back.


3 thoughts on “The World Has Gone Goat Crazy

    1. Oh you so do!!! I was trying to be the voice of reason once too but my other half is the doer and built a goat pen and got goats for me because I thought they were cute lol. Well I’m glad he did and they are so much more than just cute!


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