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Baby Chicks!

Our baby meat chickies are here! OMG are they cute and soft and fuzzy! So cute at this point I can’t even imagine eating them someday. Am I gonna have the same issue this year that I did last year, getting too attached to them, it’s possible.

Our two year old is just infatuated with them. I brought them home in a box and rested it on the lawn while I was filling their brooder with straw and water and food, I turned around and my two year old had the box open and was playing with the little chicks just giggling with glee. He has always been somewhat of a chicken whisperer. My seven year old loves them too, every time he goes outside to play he disappears into the barn to play with them.

This is our second year growing chickens for meat. Last year was hard for us because we loved those chickens, but they were so big and delicious and tasty, nothing like the ones at the store. There is something truly amazing to watching these chicks grow into roosters and chickens. They had their freedom, never in a cage, and although they had a short life it was a good one.

Plus it’s great to know what you’re feeding your family was raised well. Every chicken is big enough to feed our family of five a few meals. We usually roast them the first night for a big feast, and make sandwiches the next few days, then make chicken noodle soup with what’s left.

Growing up a city girl I always dreamed of living in the country. Never in a million years did I ever believe I would actually be living on a little farm with chickens that provide us with eggs and chickens that provide us with meat! And a couple of goats and dogs for company too. I guess I never imagined three little kids running around either. We are so very blessed and I am truly thankful for all that we have!


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