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Sometimes I Don’t Want To Cook

Sometimes we eat boxed food, and those days are glorious! No planning, no prepping, no cooking, other than 10 minutes or so.

Kids were fussy and cranky all day, piles of laundry had to get done and the day after soccer I always feel quite drained. So boxed pasta and sauce it is. Throw on a little grated cheese and the kids think you worked hard on it!

There’s not much nutritional value to the meal so I wash a couple of cherry tomatoes or slice some cucumbers to go alongside.

I love to cook but this gets made probably once a week at our house. Everyone still needs to eat, but Mom needs a break sometimes. Lucky there are a lot of pasta monsters in my house!



3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Want To Cook

  1. I had to laugh when I read this. Our kids are grown and out of the house and even with our retired lifestyle there are nights I just can’t cook. We just had Chicken Helper and I thought, “I should write a post about NOT cooking homemade meals!” Good for you! Everyone needs a break!

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