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Cloth Diapers

As I sat and folded the diapers today all I could think is I’m so over it! After three kids (two are still in diapers), I’ve had enough. I have washed and folded so many diapers over the years and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The problem is I’m over diapers but I’m so not ready for potty training yet. With my first kiddo, potty training unleashed a monster inside of me I never knew existed, and after he was successfully potty trained that monster disappeared. I wonder, is that monster still there just waiting to be woken from hibernation?

I like to think that with the addition of each kiddo to our family that I have become more patient and more tolerant. Mostly because well, I had no choice but to learn to let go a little more. Hopefully this will hold true when I am scrubbing the floor for the tenth time that day, and yes, washing even more laundry! Is that even possible?

I remember when I was pregnant with my first kiddo and had bought 2 stages of cloth diapers and my friends and family looked at me and thought I was insane, they said I would never stick it out. Well I’m proud to say I did! We saved a lot of money and I like to think that my three kids have had less of an impact on the environment. Plus where we live there is no garbage pick up so washing and reusing is better.

Nonetheless I will do a happy dance and perhaps have a big bonfire when they are retired for good. Until then I will change, wash and fold my days away. What age did you potty train your kids at?



9 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers

  1. My daughter just turned two, and we were hoping to get her using the toilet before the new baby is born… I’m due in August, and my daughter screams and runs from the bathroom when the suggestion is made, so I don’t see that happening, LOL. The kicker is that she loves doing what we do, so we had made an attempt a little while ago, and she was using the potty and LOVED it! She wanted to just hang out and read books in there, actually. It was an amazing three days where I thought, wow, this is easy. HA! She came down with a cold and didn’t want to keep potty training, and I didn’t want to push it when she was sick. She’s been panicky and adverse ever since. So, we’re letting the dust settle and hopefully soon she’ll be ready to try again ….. any advice or tips for me?

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    1. I’ve heard that pushing potty training during big times of change (having a new baby) isn’t good. Maybe sit back and relax. If she was into it before she’ll come around and let you know. My first boy was 3 when I got him potty trained and we had just moved 1000 miles across the country and it was not a great time, he was stressed and I was stressed. It took us a month and a half of training. My 2nd kid is now 2 1/2 and I’m not sure he’s ready yet. I think each kid is different and when you push too hard they push back. So after all that I guess my only advice is not to rush it! Oh and congrats on the newest member of your family, so exciting!

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      1. Thanks! Yeah, we backed off, I didn’t want her to associate it with negative feelings of being forced. We wanted to get it done before the baby, so she doesn’t see it as being related (just like we moved her out of the crib and into her own “big girl” bed months ago) to avoid any feelings of displacement or abandon. I think if she hasn’t shown an interest before the baby is born, I’ll have to leave it for awhile. At least she doesn’t need changing as much as a newborn, right? LOL Oh well.

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  2. Both my boys (18 months apart) wore cloth diapers. I really think they’re much better on tiny bottoms than disposables. And they were both potty trained at just shy of 3 years. The older one was hot to get potty trained but then lost interest for a couple of months. The younger one clearly thought it was easier to lie down and let me change him than go through the whole sit on the potty chair thing.

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      1. Boys normally train a little later than girls. That’s why mine were close to 3. It’s a tough thing for kids. They have to learn to recognize the physical feeling of needing to go and then learn that they have to get there before that physical feeling is overwhelming. I found, with our youngest grandson, that playing him potty training songs from You Tube keeps him on the chair. Otherwise he wanted to leap right up and go back to playing.

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      2. I hope it helps. My sister’s oldest son is 18 days younger than my oldest. She was like a tiger with potty training. I took the approach that it was unlikely mine would graduate from high school with a diaper under his gown. She hollered, I just changed training pants (yes, I’m that pull-ups then). The boys were both trained at about the same time but with mine finishing about a month earlier.

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