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Harvest Time!

And the harvest season has begun at our house!

Last week we had an unexpected frost that killed the plants in the garden so it was time to pull tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and cucumbers. We had a great growing year, however it never feels quite long enough! Dad has started canning the tomatoes and I’m super excited to have tomatoes through the winter. There is nothing like opening a can of your garden tomatoes in the middle of winter! Last year our tomatoes didn’t grow and I really missed them!

Our root veggies survived the frost so I’m pulling them at my leisure. Today I pulled the onions and wow! Great onion year, if I season them properly they should last us till next garden season!

We culled our meat chickens a week ago (well we didn’t do it personally this year, we hired out for that and it was worth every penny), and the freezer went from almost empty to almost full!

We are so thankful to be able to grow our food that feeds our family!




3 thoughts on “Harvest Time!

  1. We are having the same issue with weather! I hate pulling the tomatoes early! Unfortunately, many will ripen in brown paper bags, due to the weather! It was a fantastic onion year for us, as well. Root veggies are holding there own! Hoping to get enough warm weather for the melons and squash to ripen. We grow them on black plastic so that does help. Happy harvesting!🌻

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  2. You are ahead of us! No frost yet (some lower in the valley) so I’m letting the root veggies ride a bit longer. We did a handful of our meat birds but are letting the rest fatten a bit more. Love this time of year but oh so exhausting. Though this is the time of year where you actually get to see the products of your labor. Nice haul!!!!

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