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Marble The Rooster Too Pretty To Eat!

Painting was my first love, I started painting in my early twenties long before I met my other half, got dogs or had kids or learned how to cook. Now my days are so full with meeting everyone’s needs my hobby has been put on the back burner. Yesterday I decided to break out my paints and paint Marble, our rooster who was too beautiful to eat!

It felt so amazing to feel the oil paint mix together on the canvas.  It made me feel so alive!  I always worry that I will forget how to paint but it always comes back and I get lost in my senses and just follow my instincts. I’m weird but I just love the smell of oil paints too. It fuels my creative energy!

It’s funny I should paint Marble as he and I don’t always get along. One day I was staring at him admiring his beauty and I guess he felt I was challenging him so he came charging at me! He continued to chase me around for the rest of the summer. Now that the snow has fallen and the chickens are pretty much stuck in their coop I was worried him and I would have problems but he has left me alone and I’m sure not to stare at him anymore!



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