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Egg And Veggie Caserole

Tonight's dinner is egg and veggie casserole. I usually will make quiche but I was looking for a healthier meal minus all the butter in the crust. Dad and I are training to run the hypothermic half marathon in Winnipeg this February, thus so few posts lately, we are still eating and cooking a lot!… Continue reading Egg And Veggie Caserole

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My oven crapped out this morning! Big Bang, then no heat. Sad moment, I love cooking with the oven. Dad says he'll try to fix it when he gets home from work, if not I guess we know what we're getting for an early Christmas present! It didn't come as a surprise, it has been… Continue reading Quiche

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Little Quiches

Over the weekend we got to go to a neighbouring farm for a pig roast. My little boy got to ride a horse for the first time and he loved it! Everybody brought a dish, so I brought some little quiches made from day fresh eggs and garden veggies. I made the crust from scratch… Continue reading Little Quiches

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Super Fluffy Pancakes

I made the fluffiest pancakes that I've ever made! Apparently using buttermilk instead of just souring your milk with vinegar actually works better, lol. The batter was beautiful and thick and they got even puffer in the pan! I'm enjoying my mistake of buying buttermilk instead of the baby's milk the other day. Its nice… Continue reading Super Fluffy Pancakes

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Blueberry Buttermilk Scones With Cinnamon

So a funny story, the other day I went to the store to buy 3.25% milk for the baby and when I got home I gave her a bottle of it and she really really did not want to drink it. I finally convinced her to drink it till it was done, then when I… Continue reading Blueberry Buttermilk Scones With Cinnamon

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Snowy Saturday Morning

It's a snowy Saturday morning here. It's a great morning for pancakes! I live with a bunch of pancake monsters, no need for plates - everyone just grabs them as soon as they're cool and eats them with their hands. We don't use syrup but I always add something tasty to the pancakes. Today we… Continue reading Snowy Saturday Morning