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Cloth Diapers

As I sat and folded the diapers today all I could think is I'm so over it! After three kids (two are still in diapers), I've had enough. I have washed and folded so many diapers over the years and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. The problem is I'm… Continue reading Cloth Diapers

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It Takes A Surprising Amount Of Caffeine!

It takes an incredible amount of caffeine for me to get through my day! I probably consume at least 10 cups of tea a day, I'm not a big fan of coffee but when needed an espresso shot will help too! The following is a doodle of an average day at my house with three… Continue reading It Takes A Surprising Amount Of Caffeine!

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Kids In The Kitchen

If you are like me and a little bit of a control freak it can be hard to let your kids help in the kitchen. I am torn between wanting to foster a love of cooking in my little ones and having the patience to do just that. Anytime I ask if my kiddos want… Continue reading Kids In The Kitchen

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Snowy Saturday Morning

It's a snowy Saturday morning here. It's a great morning for pancakes! I live with a bunch of pancake monsters, no need for plates - everyone just grabs them as soon as they're cool and eats them with their hands. We don't use syrup but I always add something tasty to the pancakes. Today we… Continue reading Snowy Saturday Morning